Practical Philosophy retreats and events for the modern mind.
Going from questions about philosophy to philosophical questioning is a journey like no other.
Travel to beautiful locations. Meet real people, exchange ideas and immerse in a uniquely rich heritage.
September, 2022: Carnuntum, Austria
Spend a week in Petronell-Carnuntum, where Marcus Aurelius wrote his Meditations. Walks by the Danube and talks about virtue and happiness and what's in it for the contemporary lifestyle.
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Beside the Danube, at the base of the Alps or in the Transylvanian countryside. All excellent places for contemplation.
November, 2022: Marrakech, Morocco
Wake up at the gateway to the Sahara Desert, watch the Atlas Mountains tower nearby and spend a whole week enhancing your philosophical approach to life in this history-filled city.
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What our participants have to say
It got me out of my living routine. And most importantly out of my thinking routine. It's something else. I've never experienced something like this before. At first I thought we would be taking part in a Philosophy Class, but Mario knew exactly how to get us to talk. He's given us a good context and time to reflect and I've never once felt inferior during our conversations.
It's been amazing. Thank you for this experience.
Doru Medianu

For me this has been an opportunity to develop clear thinking - very well guided by Mario. It's been a week that made me more curious and I realized it is something I will take home with me, and hopefully integrate it in the way I live.
Everything has been clear, logical and applied.

Many thanks to Victor for the concept and management
I can't wait to come back to one of these!
Lavinia Galcea
HR Director, Coach
Absolutely wonderful and truly expanding, even for a novice like me.
I've learned so many interesting things that previously seemed unimportant to me.
Mario is amazing, a living tome of knowledge and understanding and a great guy.
Anekke van Bern
I've enjoyed the structure of our discussions and that we haven't felt pressured by the agenda. We were able to synchronize and still do what we wanted. I also liked that it was still intimate even though it was a group event.
Absolutely unique, never experienced anything like it
Ana Maria
Want to get away for a week and develop ancient tools against anxiety and uncertainty?
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