Better Reason for Better living

Using philosophy to conquer fear, anxiety and depression
Our mission is to help individuals explore and use practical aspects of philosophy by nurturing reason and virtue for healthier, happier lives.
We strongly believe that a clear mindset and focused is one of the greatest assets one can posses, and we aim to utilize philosophical tools and practices to achieve it.
Victor Alexa
Founder, host
After having studied Literature and Finance I've gathered a decade of experience in the Publishing Industry. I've immersed myself in all aspects from rights management to selling electronic copies.

With The Seneca Publishing house I've suggested a stoic weekend, and shortly the project was green lighted. Eight guests with no philosophy background attended and they fell in love with it. It was amazing. I knew instantly I wanted to make this a greater event for many more beneficiaries.

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Mario Barangea
PhD. Student with the University of Bucharest. Writing a thesis on Proclus. Finished two Masters in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Almost 10 years of experience as a philosophical counsellor.

Mario has held lectures with the Calea Victoriei Foundation for a serious number of years and takes great joy from exchanging ideas in a casual setting with all kinds of enthusiasts.

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