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What is practical philosophy?
Practical Philosophy refers to the ability of incorporating tools and techniques in one's thinking and routing with the goal of a clearer and more focused mindset.

This includes a more comprehensive general understanding of one's reality, identity and values, as well as direct techniques such as negative visualization - a habit of visualizing what might go wrong in some aspect of life, so that if it does happen the individual is not put back by it.
How do retreats work?
During our retreats we familiarize ourselves with the foundations of philosophical thinking. We tend to focus more on the ancient Greek and Roman thinkers, but we also incorporate more modern thinking

In the span of one week we have a daily session of short text reading followed by a free discussion on a selected theme.
We also incorporate philosophical writing and journaling as they are some of the best exercises in exploring ideas and concepts in a personal way
What is included?
Our retreats usually include lodging, meals, texts and writing materials for the whole duration.
Most importantly it includes the lecturer who guides the whole agenda, in our case a professional philosopher

See more at the about us page
Should I prepare in a specific way?
For the philosophical activities no preparation is necessary. You are more than welcome even if you have no philosophy background.

Since we also incorporate walks, hikes and sometimes group stretching or Pilates we provide each participant with information on how best to prepare for indoor or outdoor activities while regarding weather conditions for each retreat.
I've booked a retreat but I can't go anymore. Is there a refund?
We're sorry you can't make it and we honestly hope to meet you next time.

Yes, you can have a full or partial refund.
As specified in the Terms & Conditions the refund policies are stated with each event.
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